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    Here is the current list of tenants who have so far occupied the converted and redesigned One World Trade Center. The tower was officially opened in November 2014:[13] Rohde & Liesenfeld, a transport company, said 38 of the 40 employees were responsible for Tai Fook Securities. As one of many small financial services companies that maintained an office in the building, the three Tai Fook employees managed to leave the building unharmed. The company specializes in securities brokerage in Southeast Asia. AT&T, the telecommunications company, employed 11 sales representatives. A spokesman for the London-based company said about 100 other people were employed in the basement to maintain the building`s switchboard. All employees of both departments were safely evacuated. The Corporation Service Company, an international integration and document retrieval organization, said it was “a miracle” that all 108 employees were safely evacuated from the South Tower. “We have real heroes in our company who have safely escorted people,” said Scott Malfitano, CSC`s vice president at the company`s Delaware headquarters. “It was an amazing story – everyone stuck together.” Staff had arrived on the 60th floor when the second plane struck telecommunications company Verizon. Most of the 500 employees were counted. Franklin Templeton Investments, owner of Fiduciary Trust Company International, said between half and three-quarters of its 600 employees were responsible.

    Fiduciary Trust was purchased by Franklin Templeton in April this year, and the firm specialized in investing for ultra-high net worth individuals. Company President Charles Johnson said, “Our biggest concern right now is the safety and well-being of our employees.” Healthy Choices Empire. A spokeswoman for the health insurance company, which employed nearly 2,000 people at its North Tower headquarters, said nine workers were still missing. She added that the destruction of the company`s headquarters meant that communication with employees in New York was still difficult. AON Corporation, insurance agency. The vast majority of the 1,100 WTC employees showed up safely. The number of confirmed survivors is expected to rise, but the company can`t say how many British Marsh and McLennan owned two insurance companies: Guy Carpenter and Seabury & Smith. The parent company said it also owns another company, MMC Enterprise Risk, which is housed in the North Tower. In total, the company had 1,700 employees at the World Trade Center and 1,100 software company Avenir Inc. says the 15 employees were safe: “Three were in the cafeteria on the 44th floor, three were on their way to the office, and the rest had gone to meetings at our New Jersey office.” The following list of tenants was compiled from the original list of CoStar Group (a provider of electronic commercial real estate information) and cited by CNN and most of the media. [3] It was modified using

    [4] Entries relating only to dissociation are italicized and marked with (? UB) in case of doubt. The companies listed by each source at different levels are identified by their position in CoStar (CS) and their position in UnBlinking (UB). Specific cases refer to footnotes for further explanation. Cantor Fitzgerald`s headquarters were located at One World Trade Center. [5] The Coface Group, the French export credit company, stated that its 15 employees were all unharmed. “We can confirm that the Coface and Unistrat teams are safe and sound. In fact, all of our colleagues who were in the building at the time of the terror attack were successfully evacuated and we were in contact with all of them,” a company spokesperson said. About 50,000 people worked at the World Trade Center and another 140,000 visited the complex daily. Below is a list of tenants who had offices in the Twin Towers and four other buildings in the complex. This section lists companies whose lease remains uncertain in 1 WTC.

    The IT services company had four employees in the building. Three employees and a temporary worker are believed to have been evacuated, but the company cannot find them. Dun & Bradstreet. The credit research group had about 65 employees in the building, according to a London-based spokesman. The office is a significant sales operation, the spokesman said. One of those who escaped unscathed was an anonymous woman seconded from the company`s High Wycombe office. Etage unbekannt: Cedel Bank International, LG Insurance Company, Alliance Global Finance, AMH International Trading, Associated Charter Marine, Carreden Group, Charles Schwab, CIF Agency, Continental Airlines, Continental Express, Deloitte & Touche, Dimetol International Trade, Eastern Capital Corporation, Falcon International Freight, First Pacific Rim, GAC Shipping, Garwood Financial, Globe Shipping Company, GSI Cargo Service, Hachijuni Bank, Hanil Securities, Lin Brothers International, Max Gregorcic, Morgan Stanley, Norman Elisberg, Pluto Commodities, Port Newark, Trans World Airlines (Ticketbüro)[8] Der North Pool des heutigen National September 11 Memorial & Museum markiert die Stelle, an der das ursprüngliche One World Trade Center stand.