Top 10 Greatest Imported and Used Vintage Cars and Bike at The Pedal 2 The Metal


The Pedal 2 The Metal is an online Automotive Marketplace where you can find a wide range of Exotic, imported and Indian used cars and bikes, aircraft, yachts and boats at a very reasonable price. They are a trusted platform and you can find here the dream machines of yours, so Hurry and explore their website now.

Top 10 best cars and bikes of them:-

  1. Mercedes W124 – Mercedes W124 Body with Wheels and Tyres. Steel Grey colour with all documents intact is available. If you are a fan of Mercedes models, this is the best choice for you available at The Pedal 2 The Metal.
  2. Mercedes C220 CDI – Mercedes c220 CDI Impeccably maintained with all papers current is available at The Pedal 2 The Metal. if you have been a fan of the C series of Mercedes this is the best car for you.
  3. 1993 Mercedes W124, Diesel – 1993 Mercedes W124, Diesel available as Clean vehicle and well maintained one at The Pedal 2 The Metal.  So hurry and fulfil your dream to buy this vintage old car of the Mercedes model now!
  4. Ducati 959 Panigale – Ducati 959 Panigale is available on The Pedal 2 The Metal, with all the legal paperwork and clean and maintained condition, buy this amazing bike and enhance your driving skills with its amazing glamour.
  5. BMW 523i, Petrol – BMW 523i is available at The Pedal 2 The Metal in the best price and condition, if you have been a big fan of the BMW series, hurry and try this model now!
  6. 2011 Audi A4 Diesel – The Pedal 2 The Metal is here with its model of  2011 Audi A4 diesel of Audi series. If you like the Audi brand in the cars,  hurry and try buying this model of Audi.
  7. 1966 VW Beetle – Love the vintage models of cars? The Pedal 2 The Metal is here with its model of 1996 VW beetle, try it, it’s having all the paperwork done and is in clean and well-maintained condition.
  8. 2012 BMW 730LD – The Pedal 2 The Metal have the 2012 BMW 730OLD, buy this best and fabulous model of the BMW series and make your life better, it looks brand new.
  9. 2019 Audi A4 – The Pedal 2 The Metal is having the latest 2019 model of Audi A4, buy this latest model of Audi, it’s all registered and is in brand new condition.
  10. 2008 Mercedes C200 – 2008 Mercedes C200 Kompressor with all the legal papers and well-maintained quality is available at The Pedal 2 The Metal. Buy this amazing and vintage model of Mercedes now!

Apart from all these, there are many more models waiting for you in imported cars and bikes so hurry and find your dream machine now at the best available price like never before. All the cars or vehicles are registered and are in good running condition so you do not need to worry about the quality or the legal matter.


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