Top 10 Best Courses in Acharya Institute of Life Care


Choosing the Right Course for the Career is the most crucial decision to make and can be troublesome if not guided properly. In the current scenario with so many available options for courses and tough competition, it is very hard and confusing to decide for both students and parents. With so many influential people around, we often get swayed or simply do what is told by our parents.

But it is very important to know and analyze your interests as well as options available in that field. Let us have a look at the Top 10 Best Courses in “Acharya Institute of Life Care” to understand your career option in a better way:

  • Nursing Assistant & General Patient Care: Nursing is more than a job that is defined as the profession of taking care of patients, families, communities so that they can recover from the ailment. Nurses are the key elements of the Health sector, as they keep the whole domain running. The scope of nursing is very high as people need healthcare everywhere. As a nurse, you will get a chance to help people in many ways from taking care of new moms to giving guidelines to suicide patients. “Acharya Institute of Life Care” of Nursing are one of the top nursing Institute in India.

Career option: Demand for trained nurses in India is increasing as nowadays more and more private hospitals and nursing homes are opening. To pursue a career in nursing you need to have sound knowledge of medicines as well as quick decision making mind in the critical situation.

  • Pharmacy Course: Technique and science of preparing and dispensing drugs are known as the pharmacy and healthcare professionals with specialized education and training to perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for patients through the quality use of medicines are called pharmacists. And public pharmacists are given the responsibility of proper drug receipt as per the ailment. The pharmacist is more than just a drug dispenser, s (he) plays a crucial role in the medical management and overall health care programming. “Acharya Institute of Life Care” will be of help to you.

Career option: The most common field after graduating in Pharmacy are community, hospital and industrial pharmacy. Due to having detailed knowledge of the health sector you can also become a health specialist or can write a column for the health section. Regulatory Affairs are also in need of Pharmacists, especially when dealing with medicines or medical products. With so many tough competition and fraud medical products in the market, a pharmacist can be a boon for industrialists who are dealing with drugs. You can also work as a health and drug inspector.

  • Law Course: Law is defined as the system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior that can be made by the collective or single legislator. With the help of law only, we can expect a specific kind of behavior from a set of people or society, in absence of law everything will simply look chaos, therefore it is considered a crucial part of society. Law degrees basically helps us to understand the process of law and how it works. It is one of the most respectful and most sought-after courses to study. Career option: There are basically two types of law in which you can specialize Civil and Criminal laws. With the degree of law, you not only get a chance to work with top lawyers but also can practice as a lawyer in the court-room. You can also practice as an advocate in a courtroom or can become a legal advisor for corporate firms. To become the judge you need to clear examination conducted by Public Service Commissions. You have two options to pursue the law degree – One is to do B.A LLB, 5 years integrated program right after 10+2 and another option is of LLB program of 3 years after completing graduation.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management: Ever wondered what goes behind the luxurious hotels, resorts and fancy suits, how they manage and coordinate so giant infrastructure without any flaw. The Management of the service sector in the hotel industry by focusing on serving the needs of its clients is known as Hotel Management. And General Manager of the hotel serves as the head executive who manages the operation of that hotel or related establishment. You will also get a chance to sail by being Cruise Ship manager.

Career option: A Hotel Management Professional can be employed in various fields like hotels, resorts, fast-food chains, accommodation and catering, restaurants, etc. There is a huge chance of getting jobs after this course in large hotel chains like Taj Group, ITC, Oberoi hotels, Hilton Group, etc.

  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology: Medical Lab Technologist Diploma course. Medical laboratory technology is the branch of medical science responsible for performing laboratory investigations relating to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Within the completion of one year of the above-given course, the candidate after undergoing requisite course module, a diploma will be awarded and have an option to continue if desired, the degree course, within the requisite time schedule as mentioned in the degree course.

Career option: After completing this diploma course, candidates may work in fields like Medical Colleges, Medical Universities, Government Hospitals, Medical Content Writing, Pharma Companies, Hospital Administrative Jobs, Self Clinics, Research Labs, etc. These professionals may work in positions like Laboratory Technician, Technology Manager, Laboratory Manager, Medical Officer, Research Associate, Lab Assistant, Medical Record Technician, Resident Medical Officer, Laboratory Testing Manager, Associate Manager, etc.

  • Professional Course in Anchoring: The anchor is a program host. Anchoring is the art of presenting or delivering a program. It is, in other words introducing the audience to the program. The comprehensive training program on Anchoring is designed to help you acquire the poise and confidence required to make it big as an anchor.

Career option: Individuals with such a set of skills can have a booming career in anchoring. They can look up to different employment opportunities and apply to TV channels, hosting awards, radio stations, reality shows, ceremonies, game shows and more.

  • Web Design, Hosting & Digital Marketing Course: Diploma courses in Web Designing and Digital Marketing Gain a strong knowledge of website design and successfully publish your own website with this web development course. You will learn how to choose a web host, create an account for your business with that Web host, register your domain name, and create a website that is user-friendly, responsive, and suitable to your business needs – helping you understand and break into the competitive world of online commerce.

Career option: The training program for digital marketing and website development has very bright future opportunities as it is designed to serve industries with a qualified web developer with perfect knowledge of digital marketing. Because of digital transformation, every business is entering into the digital world and it is a need of the hour.

  • Advance Diploma in Homeopathy: Like any other branch of medicine Homeopathy too requires rigorous study and training for many years. There are undergraduate and postgraduate courses for homeopathy. Those who want to pursue homeopathy at the undergraduate level must pass class 12 board examinations with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.

Career option: There are ample job opportunities for homeopathic doctors. Since homeopathy does not have any side effects, many people rely on homeopathy treatments. after acquiring their Diploma the homeopathic doctors can work in government and private hospitals. They can also carry on with private practice.

  • Diploma in Aviation: Aviation is a popular career choice especially for the students whose objectives are directed towards learning the management and operations carried out in the Aviation industry. Candidates with a knack of skills like problem-solving, people management and IT are well suited for it. The course will provide the skills required for employment within an airport management role. The course equips the students with the skills, knowledge, and professionalism required in the Aviation industry.

Career option: Successful graduates of this diploma course get to work as an Aircraft dispatchers, Airline executives, air traffic controller officers, airline station managers, airport terminal duty manager, etc.

  • Certificate in Diabetes: The Certificate course in Diabetes Mellitus is designed to provide fundamental knowledge of diabetes within a short time of 3 months. The course will introduce the students to the basic concepts of diabetes, including the definition and classification of diabetes. In addition, students will also learn about the clinical features of diabetes, screening and diagnosis, and the basics of diabetes management including an overview of diabetes education, exercise, and pharmacological agents.

Career option: The career options in Diploma in Diabetology course include employment in various organizations such as in College and Universities, Research Laboratories, Hospitals, etc. On completion of this course, students can get jobs of several profiles such as a Lecturer/ Teacher, Diabetologist, Researcher, Endocrinologist, etc

These are Top 10 Best Courses in “Acharya Institute of Life Care” to help you understand Choosing the Right Course for the Career.

In the highly advanced and technological world science has set a benchmark in history. With the rapid increase of healthcare trade in India, Acharya Institute of Life care education has come up with some new reforms and outlook in providing educational opportunities to all masses. The institution is all set to face critical challenges coming on its way and is focusing to lead through effective solutions for bright career prospects, extreme quality programs, high-tech innovation & advancement, and innovative partnerships with the industry!


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